Canyoning in Rufabgo River Gorge-Circassian Rufabgo Waterfalls,‎ Maykop, Republic of Adygeya Russia

Gorge's highest point:
20 m/65.7 ft
Waterfalls number:
16.4 - 45.1 m/5 - 14 ft
Entire day
Maykop is a city situated on the right bank of Belaya River, which is a tributary of the Kuban. It is the capital city of the Republic of Adygea in Russia.

Rufabgo River Gorge is a beautiful place, great for canyoning. It starts with a hike option, when passing the water maze without Alpe equipment and technical passing waterfalls with the highest height being 20 m/65.7 ft. The route is available for everyone and has no limits. Pre-order however is suggested to discuss the physical abilities and age of each participant.

Each canyon is an unsurpassed work of nature. The noisy mountain streams are forced to challenge the elements and represent a great opportunity to test yourself, while enjoying an unforgettable experience in a deep river valley with very steep slopes and narrow bottom.

For this kind of entertainment, special training is required. The adventure continues when entering the amazing, beautiful waterfalls. The waterfalls are 7 with a height that ranges from 16.4 – 45.1 m/5 – 14 ft and they vary in level of difficulty.

The first waterfall has a nice view of the water that falls from 5.5 m/18 ft into the lake and a lush, green meadow in the front that attracts thousands of people every year. As to the second waterfall, it is more modest than the first and needs attention. The third pass is very difficult.

In the middle, the river channel blocks a great size stone that nature, for a long time, forced in the shape of a giant heart. If you look to the right, you can contemplate, as a narrow stream of icy, blue water drops straight into a deep gorge. This waterfall is called the “Heart of Rufabgo”.

Moving on to the third waterfall, you will see the valley widening and opening up for a great view. In the small size of the lake, which has a height of a five story building, there is a long narrow strip that drains water. At the intersection of the Bachurina Rufabgo and the creeks, they merge into a single unit, where you will find a high rock.

The large rock at the foot of the breakup has all kind of piles and stone labyrinths that open the way to a very unusual waterfall, the “Maiden braids”. All year long the “Maiden spit” waterfall has a special and unique appearance. Different season, different appearance.

In winter, the waterfalls are covered by a transparent layer of ice that glistens in the sun, looking like a jewel. In spring, the water is characterized by depth and incredible noise. In summer, they transform into a beautiful moving rainbow and in autumn, they are quietly preparing for winter.

Each waterfall has something unique to offer, so if you are a canyoning enthusiast, Rufabgo waterfalls are the place for you!!!