Jet Boating in Rakaia Gorge, Methven, Canterbury New Zealand

Chevrolet 350
Life jackets:
Provided by operators
Methven is a small town in Canterbury region of the South Island. It is only 1.5 h drive at the west of Christchurch, the second largest city of New Zealand and is situated close to Mount Hutt, in the heart of Southern Alps.

Methven has hot and dry summers, with temperatures that can reach up to 30°C/86°F, and cold winters with frequent snowfalls in the surrounding mountains. Although during summer it remains a relaxed and uncrowded town, during winter it is converted to a tourist attraction due to the nearby ski fields.

Rakaia River starts its journey from the Southern Alps and continues its course for approximately 150 km/93 mi, before merging with the Pacific Ocean. It is a braided river, with many rapids, twists and turns, especially near the Gorge, consisting the ideal destination for jet boating lovers. 360-degree spins, twists and turns offer the most thrilling jet boating experience.

The speed boats are equipped with Chevrolet 350 motors on Hamilton-Jet 212 water jets and internal propellers to achieve maximum speed. Prepare yourselves for the ultimate adrenaline rush. Enjoy the magnificent and wild scenery surrounding the river, as well as the breathtaking view while passing through the Rakaia Gorge. Don’t forget to bring with you: camera, sunglasses, sunscreen and warm clothes. Life jackets are provided by the operators.