Bungee Jumping in Condesa Beach, Acapulco, Guerrero Mexico

Previous Experience:
No Needed
Platform Height:
High Season:
All Year
Acapulco is located in the southern Mexico, in the municipality of Acapulco, Guerrero Mexican state. It lies on a semi-circular bay, on the Pacific coast of Mexico. Acapulco is the largest beach in Mexico and one of the oldest and most popular beach resort.

One of the most popular extreme sports that take place in Condesa Beach is bungee jumping. You shouldn’t leave this beach without a bungee jump from the platform built for this reason. The platform is 50.3 m/165 ft high. There is also a pool in front of the platform. The most exciting thing is that you can choose if you wanna touch the surface of the pool or not and additionally the type of the jump you wanna do, such as tandem jump and ultimate fireball kick.

You have also the chance to do this extreme sport at the same time with your mate or friend. There is special equipment that gives you the opportunity to bungee jump together. When you get on the platform, take a deep breath and enjoy the absolutely amazing view. Take your time, while the experienced guides prepare you. After a quick training, you will be just a step away from this amazing feeling. No previous experience is necessary.