Base Jumping in KL Tower, Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

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Advanced and professional
Kuala Lumpur is most certainly an amazing destination. Protected by the Sumatra Island on the west and the Titiwangsa Mountains on the east, the capital and most populated city of Malaysia is an impressive blend of its British colonial past and its modern cosmopolitan future.

As evidence of Kuala Lumpur’s astounding growth, except from one of the world’s tallest buildings, called the Petronas Towers, there is also the Menara KL Tower. Located in the heart of the city, the tower is used mainly for telecommunication purposes and has an antenna, standing at 421 m/1381 ft high above the ground.

This impressive building offers many attractions for the visitors such as cultural events, nature walks and incredible panoramic views over the city. The spot has certainly become a landmark of great importance for Malaysia. However, for the world’s adrenaline seekers, this tower is of great importance for a different reason.

KL Tower is widely known as the World’s Base-jump Center since 1999, when the first jump took place. Ever since, it hosts the longest running urban base-jump event, one of the most thrilling and largest competitions of its kind on the planet. The jump off platform is set at the broadcast part of the Tower Head at a height of 300 m/984.2 ft high asl and it is amazing spot to boost your adrenalin levels.

The views while standing on the edge of the platform take your breath away and if you are brave enough to jump, you have just a few seconds to pull the cord and open your parachute. There is enough open space for landing but keep in mind that sometimes just a small breeze can drift you away from your landing spot or even throw you on the building.

You must be really in control and very experienced to make this jump, but when you do, your name will be written, once and for all, in the pantheon of the most extreme base jumpers of the planet.