Paragliding in Compolibat, Toulouse, Midi-Pyrenees France

Launching site GPS Coordinates:
44 ° 21 '51'' N, 02 ° 12' 23'' E
Landing site GPS Coordinates:
44 ° 22 '25'' N, 02 ° 11' 57'' E
Average speed of flying:
27 kph/16.7 mph
Altitude gain:
73 m/240 ft
Linear Distance:
1.4 km/1 mi
Toulouse is located in southwestern France in Haute – Garonne department, right on the banks of the River Garonne. It is the fourth largest metropolitan area after Paris, Marseille and Lyon. Toulouse is known as the center of the European aerospace industry. Headquarters of Aerospace Valley, Airbus, SPOT satellite system, Galileo positioning system and ATR make Toulouse a global cluster. Among these, Toulouse has a big sporting activity that spreads in the entire metropolitan area.

Compolibat lies near Toulouse, a place where every para-glider wishes to be. The spot is absolutely perfect for paragliding. The thermals and the appropriate winds will help the para-glider rise up on the sky and fly like a bird. The medium difficulty launching point is in Compolibat at 600 m/1969 ft above the sea.

The winds that are blowing at the launching point come from west and northwest. You should be careful for power lines near the launching site though. When you reach the launching site, you put on your equipment and just walk and fly into freedom. The view from 500 m/1640 ft above the ground is simply spectacular.

After a short flight, you will land safely at the medium difficulty landing point in Stade at 380 m/1247 ft above sea level in front of spectators and loved ones. Paragliding in Compolibat is an experience you shouldn’t miss.