Surfing in Victoria Bay, Wilderness, Western Cape South Africa

1-4m (3-12ft)
Wilderness is a resort, lying between the Outeniqua mountains and beautiful warm waters of the Indian Ocean in Western Cape, South Africa. A rich natural landscape with beautiful beaches and a number of rivers and lakes, Wilderness offers considerable amount of tranquility making it a perfect beach holiday spot. Climate is warm all year round with winters offering sunny and warm days.

Victoria Bay a small cove sandwiched within Wilderness and offers amazing surf. It is one of South Africa’s popular surf spot with world class wave quality. There are  a number of different peaks on the beach but the best can be found near the cliff.

Swells get to between 1-4 m (3-12 ft) and consists of right-hand reef wave which rolls over small boulder like rocks. The waves can be tricky, especially when big, but there is no reason for alarm. The main concern is the sharks due to the two rivers’ mouths.

Victoria Bay accommodates all surfers and works most of the year due to its shape. The best times for surfing however are in the mornings.