Paragliding in Sintra, Lisbon, Lisbon and Coast Portugal

Elevation (take off):
77 m / 252.5 ft
Sintra is located near Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal. Sintra has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its 19th-century ravishing architecture and landscapes. It's dominated by precipitous mountains and fascinating forests.

Discover the beauty of Sintra and the treasure that is hidden in the woods. You can start from Cascais national park and discover beautiful coastal trails.

The spot combines the mystery of mountain with the magic of sea making it a major tourist destination center, visited by people from all around the world. It is the right place for a romantic getaway. If romance is not your cup of tea and a lot of adrenaline instead, then Sintra is also the right place to go. It represents an excellent choice for paragliding.

You can dance with the wind and let the view over the sea, in combination with the hills of Serra de Sintra make your flight a unique one. Paragliding goes better with light winds. If you think that you can’t do this by yourself, then aeroglisse school can give you the confidence you need. There are also paragliding shops to find the equipment you want. Once on the ground, you can taste nice food at the restaurants that Sintra provides, or drink a coffee while sharing your experience of flying and feel free like a bird. In Sintra there are lots of accommodation, where you can lay off.