Paragliding in Rinconada, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon Mexico

Flight Duration:
20-30 min
Lowest Weight:
Vertical Drop:
Monterrey is situated in the northeastern Mexico. It is also the capital of the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon. Monterrey is an important industrial center, since it is home to many Mexican companies and international ones.

If you have never tried paragliding, it is difficult to understand the amazing feeling of freedom. Rinconada is an interesting spot that you should definitely discover. The spot is located in the western side of Monterrey, only 49 minutes from the capital. More specifically, the take off point is found at 25°40’8″ (25.6689)N; 100°44’20” (100.739)W and the elevation of the launch area is at 1548 m/5078.7 ft. The vertical drop is about 500 m/1640.4 ft. The wind direction is from the Northeast, Southeast and East.

In addition, the spot of Rinconada is suitable for beginners as well as for experienced pilots. The duration of the flight is about 20-30 minutes, since it depends on weather conditions. There are many friendly and qualified instructors, who will be happy to teach you the appropriate tips for this wonderful extreme sport. Also, kids with weight higher than 30 kg/66 lb can try paragliding, since there is no age limit. As for the appropriate clothing, a sweater would be very useful for the pilots.