Paragliding in Long Reef (Southeast), Dee Why, New South Wales Australia

Skill Level:
100ft/30m AMSL
Dee Why is a suburb of northern Sydney, at about 18 km/11 mi in the north-east of Sydney's CBD (Central Business District). Dee Why caters for a variety of dining and accommodation options to suit different needs and budgets.

Long Reef is a moderate coastal slope that is covered in grass and low bushes. It is a good and relatively easy site for novice para-gliders to learn how to launch their flights. The takeoff takes place ​​from a grassed area along the walking track on the southern face. If the instinct for adventure sports runs in your blood, then you should visit this place.

Admire the stunning views down to Manly and the surrounding area while you are flying through the air. Landing is on the southwestern part of the beach. When landing at high tide, you will probably get your gear wet. It is strongly recommended that novice paragliders do not fly when the wind is from the west of south due to gusty conditions.

Note: the lower airspace level is at 2500 ft/762 m. The GPS coordinates for the take off are S33.74232, E151.31297.  Height: 100 ft/30 m AMSL. The paragliding association is at your disposal.