Paragliding in Ölüdenız Beach, Fethiye Town, Mediterranean Region Turkey

Mt. Babadağ :
1969m/6460ft asl
Air temperature:
30°C/86°F in summer period
Mt. Babadağ GPS Coordinates Take off:
36° 32'20''(36.539)N; 29° 10'10''(29.1696)E
Mt. Babadağ GPS Coordinates Landing:
36° 32'46''(36.5462)N; 29° 7'22''(29.1228)E
Ölüdeniz beach in Turkey, overlooking the Aegean Sea and situated at 8.5 km/5.3 mi in the west of Fethiye town, seems to be a hot spot worldwide for the paragliding pilots.

Ölüdeniz beach is one of the best five destinations for paragliding worldwide. Every October, Ölüdeniz is the host town for the annual International Air Games Festival. From the mountain tops surrounding the beach, para-gliders are flying along the seacoast and landing on the beach. Tandem paragliding is, as well, very popular.

Due to its geographical position, Ölüdeniz has a long flight period  from April to September. Surrounded by Taurus Mountains, Ölüdeniz is overlooking the famous Turquoise coast of Turkey. Its name ” calm waters”  suggests a well protected bay, ideal area for secure landings. Up from the sky the breathtaking panorama can be another good reason to open your wings in Ölüdeniz bay.