Paragliding in Falaise du cap de La Hève, Le Havre, Upper Normandy France

GPS Coordinates take off / landing:
49.5108, 0.0681 / 49.5109, 0.0683
Wind coming from the left
Wind direction / speed:
WNW / 7 mph/11 kph
16 mi/25.7 km
Le Havre is a city, situated on the right bank of the river-mouth of Seine on the English Channel, in northwestern France, at the Seine-Maritime department of the region Haute-Normandie. Although it is not a very populous city, it is the most populous commune in the Haute-Normandie region and the second largest prefecture in France, right after Reims. The port of Le Havre is the second busiest one after Marseille.

Cap de La Heve is situated at the northwestern part of the city of Le Havre. The spot is on a cliff from which you can fly like a bird, using a paraglider. Paragliding on the spot is awesome and very popular. The view is magnificent even before taking off, as you stand on the top of the cliff, in front of the endless sea, watching along the horizon.

The take off point, due to its position on the cliff, it is preferred to be used when the wind blows straight away towards a southwestern direction. If it is comes from the left, it is unsafe to fly so it is highly suggested to avoid flying until the wind turns in its optimum direction. In order to take off, the procedure is very simple.

Just run and jump off the cliff. Due to flight regulations, you shouldn’t fly over 1500 ft / 457 m high. While you are silently gliding on the French clouds, you can admire the city of Le Havre and the sea spreading down and around. When it is time to land, you can do it in the normal landing area which is the place you took off.

Only in case of emergency, you are allowed to land on the grass field below, but not on purpose. It is a very popular spot, so it might get crowded with many paragliders ready to conquer the sky. Be one of them and live this amazing experience, only offered in Le Havre.