Hot Air Ballooning in Stockholm, Stockholm County, Sweden

Flight altitude:
1000m/3280ft a.s.l
Season to fly:
May to September
There’s not much to say about the capital of Sweden, Stockholm that has not already been said. One of the most vibrant and energetic capitals of Europe, Stockholm is a city that never sleeps.

In fact, Stockholm is widely known as “Venice of the North” due to its immaculate beauty and architecture, its traditional and modern buildings, its famous recreational parks and, most of all, the sense that you are not in an overly populated and polluted European capital. The fastest way to discover and get to know the amazing capital of Sweden and its endless beauties is by taking a hot-air balloon…!!!

Catch your breath at 1000 m/3280 ft above sea level and get amazed by the dazzling beauty of landscapes over the Stockholm County. The view from above will be far from compensating, but keep your fingers crossed that the wind will not ruin or cancel your sightseeing by air.

The open season is from May to September, but the best period, undoubtedly, to visit Stockholm and explore its surroundings from a higher perspective is during summer, when the days seem to last forever, extending sunset and thus allowing safe, romantic and magical night flying. After landing, all participants have the opportunity to help pack up the balloon.

Flights are made in the early evening hours and last about one hour costing around €120 ($160). According to an ancient tradition, all hot air balloning travelers, after landing on the site, receive a baptizing ritual during a ceremony by enjoying a glass of bubbly or a non-alcoholic drink. Don’t miss this unique experience!