September 26 00:00 (for the 109k runners)

Free running at the Ultra Trail, Torres del Paine

Race distances:
109k, 67k and 42k
Skill level:
Advanced and professional trail runners
Torres Del Paine National Park is located in the Chilean Patagonian. Boasting amazing landscapes and unspoiled nature, it is considered to be the mecca of adventure travelers and outdoor enthusiasts from all around the world.

Ultra Trail Torres Del Paine is a unique event organized for the first time by NIGSA and takes place within the trails of Torres Del Paine National Park in the Chilean Patagonia. The event includes three different race distances. A 67.7 mi / 109 km distance with a 10223 ft / 3116 m ascent, a 41.6 mi / 67 km distance with a 7680 ft / 2341 m ascent and a 26 mi /42 km distance with a 4265 ft / 1300 m ascent.

"Ultra Trail Torres Del Paine"

Starting points for each race distance start from different locations. However, all of them finish on the same spot.  The trails lead runners through incredible wild landscapes with towering mountains, colorful lakes, glaciers and a variety of wildlife such as pumas, eagles, foxes, guanacos and many more. Weather conditions tent to be extreme and unpredictable with high winds and temperatures that range from 41 °F / 5 °C to 59 °F / 15 °C during the dates of the event.

"Ultra Trail Torres Del Paine"

Ultra Trail Torres Del Paine, is not just the dream of every trail runner. It is also the effort to attract the world’s attention to the conservation of Chilean Patagonia and the sustainable development of the area.

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Come and run the trails of the majestic Torres Del Paine! Support their cause.