June 4-7 All day

Windsurfing at Santa Cruz Windsurfing Festival

Skill level:
Amateurs and pro
Event schedule:
Depends on weather conditions
One of the top windsurfing spots in the US, Waddell Creek, is hosting for the fifth time in a row, the second event for the AWT’s 2015 season - the Santa Cruz Windsurfing Festival.

Considered to be one of California’s premier beach breaks, Waddell Creek is the perfect location to host the Santa Cruz Windsurfing Festival. Favored by the Northern California winds that build up by the time, the event starts on the 4th of June and participants from around the world will compete in front of judges and spectators in one of the most amazing wave sailing events of this summer.


Available for all skill levels, Pro, Amateurs, Masters, Grand Masters, and Youth divisions will make sure that there will be a lot of action as the battle from the local and non local sailors will launch from day one and they are all ready to take up the stage and ride the incoming south swells.

So get ready to enjoy an incredible event by the beach under the hot Californian sun and enjoy windsurfing at it’s best!

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