28th - 29th June 2014 08:00 - 19:00

Ridexpo 2014, 1st European Skateboard Open Street Camp Bowl

European Open:
10am - 19pm
European Open:
Night Session (21:00) and Concert
A three-day expo dedicated to urban outdoors extreme activities will be held In Nimes, in southern France. The expo is focusing mainly on Skateboard, Roller and MTB activities. Highlight event is the organization within the expo framework of the 1st European Open Skateboard.

In the last long-weekend of June, the hot destination for the skateboard, roller and MTB fans will be definitely the town of Nimes in south France. During three days the visitors can come closer to the skate world, getting info regarding equipment and new trendies, exchange experiences and be together with others fans and professionals of the sector. Brands, accessories, equipment, piste  and insurance companies as well as many other related actors will attend this very amazing expo.

''Ridexpo, European Open 2014''

Undoubtedly, the organization of the 1st Skateboard European Open Street & Bowl (International Skateboarders Union) taking place the last two days (28-29 June 2014) of the expo and within its program, it is the hottest event. The Nimes Open is part of the calendar of the International Contests Circuit (Freestyle Cup and Prague MYSTIC Cup).

"European Open 2014, Nimes"

You can find all the details and the agendas of the events in the Ridexo Europe 2014, official web site.

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