June 6 - 8 09.00 - 19.00

First international exhibition on alternative and unconventional extreme sports

In The Air sports:
Hang Gliding, Parachuting, Paragliding, Flyboard, Paramotor, Sky Surf, Skydiving, Wingsuit Skydiving, Sailplane Gliding, Microlight Flying, Fly Pulley.
In The Water sports :
Kite Surfing/Wind Surf, Sup, Surf, Wakeboard, Kiteboard, Apnea, Bodyboard, Canoe/Kayak, Rafting, Diving, Free Diving
On The Ground sports:
Quad, 4x4, 2 Wheel: motocross freestyle - enduro - stuntriding – supermotard, Mountain Climbing, Rock Climbing, Bike Trial
wi-fi, internet phone service, international courier service, newsagents and tobacconists, first aid and medical facilities, nine food outlets and more
Special Events:
Inside the Exhibition Complex Events
EXE (European Extreme Exposition) was created due to the growing need of all unconventional, extreme sports athletes or enthusiasts and also to provide a reference point for manufactures or distributors of equipment, accessories, clothing, operating in the magic world of extreme sports.

EXE 2014 is organised to be a unique event that will give both visitors and exhibitors the opportunity to enjoy alternative, unconventional, extreme sports to its most. Both indoor and outdoor exhibition area will accommodate a variety of facilities and events. More specifically, sports athletes and enthusiasts will have the chance to try out products and equipment in the specially configured area, where they will find: skateboard/roller skates/bmx (half pipe) ramp, kart/motard track, artificial snow ramp, artificial free climbing walls and much more.

"First international exhibition on alternative and unconventional extreme sports"

Meanwhile three sports villages will be set up outside the exhibition complex, in three different locations and various contests will be held during the event. All sports to be held in the water will take place on the seafront beach opposite the trade fair complex, sports contests on the ground will be held in the square – Piazzale dell’Uccelliera – and the Morlungo quarry and sports competitions in the air at the airfield at Cinquale (Massa). The indoor exhibition will feature a stage to hold dj sets, concerts and the awards ceremonies for the winners of the competitions.