October 15 -19 ALL DAY

Kiteboarding at Barra Grande

Oct-15-Oct-19, 2014
Barra Grande in Piaui, Brazil, on the country's northeast region, is currently the most popular beach for those looking tranquility in a serene paradise, not yet discovered by mass tourism. This is the absolute kitesurf getaway in Brazil, still dedicated to the sacred practitioners of kitesurfing worldwide.

Located at 71 km/44 mi in the east of Parnaiba International Airport, Barra Grande is located on Route Winds, where the constancy allows the practice of an amazing kitesurf session. Barra Grande is a point destination for all kiteboarding enthusiasts.

"Barra Grande Kiteboarding Grand Slam"

During Oct-15-Oct-19, 2014, the spot hosts the Barra Grande Kiteboarding Grand Slam Event, where  many kiteboarding junkies surpass themselves by performing an immanculate kiteboarding activity.

So, try to find yourself at this gifted place and be sure that it will do its tricks!