Jun 20 - Jun 24 ALL DAY

Freestyle Windsurfing at Sorobon Beach, Boanaire

Jun 20 - Jun 24, 2014
Bonaire is a Caribbean Island and part of the ABC Islands, located off the north coast of South America and situated at about 50 mi/ 80 km in the western of Venezuela.

The Freestyle Men & Women Windsurfing Event that takes place at Sorobon Beach, Bonaire is more than a usual even, it’s a lifetime experience. And you will realize it, if you be present from Jun 20 – Jun 24, 2014 at this incredible place.

"Freestyle Windsurf at Sorobon Beach"

Just get prepared for temperatures like 12°C/53.6°F off the equator and simultaneously for the time of your life. Before you visit Bonaire, you have to know that a vehicle is needed. Furthermore, it is recommended to use a travel agent for flying to Bonaire, as there are no ferry services between Bonaire and Aruba, Venezuela or Curacao.

So, choose Bonaire to be the place that will trigger you the best memories.