Feb 20 - Feb 22 2015 All day

Adventure racing in Rovaniemi

Skill level:
Experienced long distance racers
Distance covered:
on foot, bike and ski
Rovaniemi is situated at about 6mi/10km south of the Arctic Circle and is the capital city of Lapland. Surrounded by impressive and unspoiled nature, it is widely known as the official home town of Santa Claus, as well as for the Northern Lights phenomenon and its amazing winter activities, it attracts many visitors and action sports enthusiasts, all year round.

Rovaniemi 150 Arctic Winter Race is an amazing event taking place around Lapland’s main city, Rovaniemi and goes through the incredible and wild Finnish landscapes. Similar to those organized in Alaska, Rovaniemi 150 is the first and only one of its kind in Europe combining three different categories: Foot, Bike and Ski.

"Rovaniemi150 Arctic Winter Race"

The race starts and finishes in Rovaniemi and runs through the wilderness around the city, covering a total distance of 93.2mi/150km. There are marked routes and mandatory checkpoints and trails are a mixture of b-class roads, single lane roads, winter roads, summer roads, trails and frozen river and lakes. All trails are marked with stakes, plastic ribbons and reflective tape.

For those who wish to participate in the Arctic race, registrations open in August 1st, 2014. It is not necessary to have experience in other winter races. However, keep in mind that you must have experience in marathons or long distances races, long distance traverses or winter mountain traverses. What is more, it is highly recommended to have experience in winter bivouacs as temperatures could reach or even over exceed -30°C/-22°F.

"Rovaniemi150 Arctic Winter Race"

Pre Race Meeting and Check-in mandatory gear: February 20th at 13:00  Pohjanhovi Hotel.

Race sign-in: February 21st begin at 08:00 h. at the starting point.

Race starts February 21st at 09:00 h.

Limit time to complete the Rovanemi 150 Arctic Winter Race is 42 hours (until February 23th at 03:00)