June 11-14 All day

Windsurfing at Pistol River Wave Bash

Skill level:
Amatuer and pro
Event schedule:
Depending on weather contitions
Located in the dunes of the Southern Oregon Coast, Pistol River State Park is a unique area that will host for the sixth year in a row, the third stop of the American Windsurfing Tour for 2015.

Having successfully organized over the last few years the Pistol River Wave Bash event, the American Windsurfing Tour, will once again launch an amazing competition between amateur and pro riders, on June 11 to 14, in Pistol River State Park.


The location is amazing for windsurfing as it is the windiest spot of the state. From April to September the strong and consistent Northern winds create top conditions for bump and jump and wave sailing windsurfing.

Depending on the weather conditions, the AWT will run the contest in front of the Beachcomber in Gold Beach or at “the Rock” in the Pistol River State Park. The call will be announced every morning during the skipper’s meeting.


For those who want in for the Pistol River Wave Bash event, you can register here and you don’t need to pay the fee for registration in order to participate. So grab your friends and sign in cause the tides are auspicious!

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