April 15 - 22 All day

Rafting at the IRF Guide, Trip Leader & Safety workshop

15th of April - 22nd of April
400 GBP pp (excl flights)
8 days (5 days IRF workshop)
Set in the majestic Atlas Mountains in Morocco, Ahansal River runs at the edge of the Sahara desert and offers a spectacular scenery for the adventure seekers and white water rafting fans.

On April 15, Berber Rafting Adventures along with the IRF International Rafting Federation and Mark Hirst for instructor, are  organizing an amazing guide course on the Ahansal river. On this multi day IRF raft guide, trip leader & safety kayak workshops, participants will have the opportunity to flow on the crystal blue waters of the river and get the IRF Guide certificate for Class 3 upwards.

"Berber Rafting Adventures"

The course includes rafting and kayak rescue techniques, on water personal skills, swim tests, throuwabag tests, TI scenario assessments etc while on the last day, there will be group scenario assessments and a written test. Fun is guaranteed!

Berber Rafting Adventures

Personal equipment for participants includes:

  • Full length Wetsuit or dry suit
  • Helmet
  • PFD ideally with a chest harness. Your PFD needs to be the correct size for your weight.
  • Footwear no bare feet or flip-flops.
  • River knife, whistle, flip line personal pin kit
  • Sleeping bag & mat
  • Torch
  • Plenty of thermals & warm clothes
  • Pen & paper

Prepare to be on the river both day and night!

For more info on the itinerary and course, click here

To apply for the course, send an email to: info@berberraftingadventures.com