July 18 - July 27 All Day

Kitesurfing in Kiteival Mauritius

Free Style, Wave, Race
Skill level:
All skill levels
Mauritius calling all kite surfers: Between the 18th and 27th of July, 2016, the most unique kitesurfing event is taking place around the island nation of Mauritius just off the southeast coast of Africa.

Kiteival Mauritius is a fun Kite surfing event held for the 9th time in different “downwinders” around the coasts of Mauritius, exploring the best spots of the island.

"Kiteival Mauritius"



The event is open to kite surfers of all levels with some minimum riding skills required. If you have the skills and most of all the will to have one of the most fun and unique experiences of your lifetime, start packing for Kiteival Mauritius now! Check out  here the Rules & Regulations.

"Kiteival Mauritius"


Entry fee to Kiteival Mauritius is at 250€ and includes Kiteival’s souvenir T-shirt, water singlet wearing number, prizes and souvenir, transportation from the Lux hotel (click here for accommodation details) to launch spot and return at the end of the day, Safety boat on each downwinder, lunch and non alcoholic drinks during stages and last but not least the first night’s accommodation at the Tamassa hotel. To book your place now, click here.

See you in Mauritius!