July 9 -July 18 All day
The celebrations for the 30th edition of the Aruba Hi-Winds will also see the organizers hosting the IFCA PAN-AMERICAN SLALOM CHAMPIONSHIPS. The event will take place from July 11 to July 15 – where else? – in Aruba!

"Aruba Hi-Winds"

A total of $5000 (net of taxes) will be distributed accordingly across the Pan-American Championship table. Another $5000 of cash prize will be distributed across the traditional Hi-Winds events, like Windsurfing, Kite Freestyle and Long Distance Racing.

Aruba Hi-Winds

A new category will see itself through this year’s Kite Long distance events, for kite boards with a hydrofoil. The new category is called the “Hydrofoil Open” and it’s an Open class events for all Men, Women, Junior, Masters or Grand Masters, no exceptions! Trophy and cash prizes as well are up for grabs for the participants in this category. More info on the Notice of Race.

Aruba Hi-Winds

Titles to be won at the 30th celebratory anniversary of the Aruba Hi-Winds are:

  • North-American IFCA Slalom Championships (including the Caribbean)
  • South-American IFCA Slalom Championships (including Central America)

"Aruba Hi-Winds"

Detailed info here.

Registrations are open until the 11th of July. Click here to register now and get the chance to compete in the one of the world’s renowned paradises.

Click here for accommodation and rentals information.

See you in Aruba!