October 11/2014 - February 2/2015 ALL DAY

European Outdoor Film Tour 14/15

On tour from :
October 11, 2014
13 countries across Europe
The European Outdoor Film Tour is the most important film event in the outdoor world. Organized for the 14th consecutive time, it will be presenting some of the most adventurous and exciting films, across 13 countries around Europe with more than 240 events.

Back on tour from the 11th of October 2014, the E.O.F.T. , will present some of the best and high adrenaline films of the year in a two hours program. Films included in the 14/15 tour, are:

  • Nobody’s River (22mins)- a documentary on one of the world’s biggest and least known rivers in Amur, Eastern Mongolia. An expedition by four women who have traveled a 3106 mi / 5000 km adventure full of contrasts.
  • El Sendero Luminoso (6mins) – or else free solo, a highly dangerous and breathtaking rock climbing film, with the American Alex Honnold, set in the El Sendero Luminoso route in Mexico.

"European Outdoor Film Tour"

  • Don’t Look Down (22 min) – with James Kingston climbing unbelayed cranes, bridges and skyscrapers and lives by the motto “fear is a choice”.
  • The Frozen Titans (22 min) – with Will Gadd climbing the frozen Helmcken Falls, a 462.5 ft / 141 m waterfall that can only be mastered at sub-zero temperatures.
  • Rad Company (12 min) – mud and mountain bike fights from the amazing Brandon Semenuk’s Rad Company, while he pushes the limits of free ride biking.

European Outdoor Film Festival

  • Dream (5 min) – a fun, water sports spectacle presented by professional kayaker Ben Marr.
  • Cave Connection (24 min) – were Kieran Mckay’s team is trying to find a link between the two extensive caves of Stormy Pot and Nettlebed in New Zealand.
  • Shades of Winter (8 min) – the first girl only, ski film in the E.O.F.T.

"European Outdoor Film Festival"

Screenings last for 120 mins with a 30 minute brake in between. Along with sweepstakes and host’s presentation, total duration of each event, lasts for about 2.5 to 3 hours.

European Outdoor Film Tour

European countries included in the E.O.F.T. are the following: Belgium, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Austria. To book your tickets and find your nearest tour stop, click here.

For more info about each movie, click here

Come and witness the courage and real life adventure for your self with the European Outdoor Film Tour. See you in the movie theatre.