September 28 10:00

Rio Vista Skatepark

Free Food:
Free Drinks:
Free Entry:
10 years ago; Volcom unveiled its Wild In The Parks skateboarding series, providing the board sport community with a fresh approach to the amateur skateboarding contests.

Wild In The Parks is for young up and coming skaters to come out and show their skills. Think of the event like a best trick contest; skaters are judged on the tricks they pull, never on their bails. Wild In The Parks is about giving back to the skaters and the communities that support them. With this in mind, the series is entirely free. There are absolutely no entry fees, so anyone can enter. There are three main divisions: 14 & Under, 15 & Over and Open (pro-am). New to 2012-2013 the Wild In The Parks has added special awards for the “Stand Out 10 & Under” And “Stand Out Lady” to get the full spectrum of representation.  Free lunch is provided to all competitors and prizes are awarded in all categories; including $500 cash for the Open division!  Volcom also invites the top 7 in each division to compete at the $15,000 Wild In The Parks Championships in Costa Mesa, CA October 19th 2013.

"Rachel Reinhard Bs 180 Off The Kicker Erie, CO"

Come hang out, eat some free food, rock out, and skate away with some free gear while having a great time and supporting the local scene! Spectators are welcome!