Wind Surfing in Semaphore Beach, Adelaide, South Australia Australia

Wind speed :
15-25 kn/27.7-46.3 kph
Adelaide, the liveliest city in Australia, is the capital of South Australia state and is situated on the Adelaide Plains and more specifically at the north side of Fleurieu Peninsula. The city is built next to Torrens River and is surrounded by the Mount Lofty Ranges and the Gulf St Vincent.

Adelaide is a popular destination for the lovers of windsurfing, offering a great number of beaches, suitable for this extreme sport. Semaphore Beach, situated on the northwest side of the city, is one of the most popular ones, providing a good sea breeze all year round (except June-August).

The winds are south-west to west and are usually stronger in the afternoons (15-25 kn/27.7-46.3 kph). The currents are a bit strong in the area (3-5 kn/5.5-9.2 kph), so keep an eye on them. The beach is sandy and big and gets crowded during the summer season.

Note: Be careful of the nearby jetty.