Surfing in Surfers Point, Margaret River, Western Australia Australia

Wave direction:
Distance from shore:
20mins paddling
Margaret River town is named after a river and is located in the southwest of Western Australia. The climate of the region is Mediterranean with hot summers, high winds and chilly winters. The town, also part of the wine region in the southwest Australian zone, is famous for its grape cultivations and for the very tasty and unique wine production.

However, Margaret River is not only famous for its wines, but it is considered to be one of the top destinations in the world for surfing. Surfers point is a few miles outside the city and offers a world class wave quality, perfect for experienced and professional surfing fans. The size of the swell starts working from 1 m/3 ft while on good days it holds up to 5 m/16 ft and over.

The frequency of the wave is one of the most consistent on the planet and the ideal wind direction is when coming from Southeast, East. When the wind direction is coming from onshore, the big waves create breathtaking drops and cutback drops ideal for smooth and long swooping turns.

This river reef is a perfect left brake, peaking far from the shore and depending on the mood of the wave. It sometimes fades into the deep water while some other times, it forms amazing barrels. Due to these extreme weather and wave conditions, Surfers Point break hosts some significant surfing competitions. The Drug Aware Margaret River Pro competition represents an event where some of the best local and international surfers of the world gather to compete each other.

So prepare your self and gear for an ultimate surf experience and try not to drink too much wine. Surfers should be careful of sharp rocks, sharks and not to get caught on speed bumps when cranking off the reef coral bottom.