Surfing in Crescent South Beach, Crescent City, California USA

Normal length:
164 ft/50 m
Good day length:
up to 492 ft/150 m
Swell size:
1 m/3 ft up to 2 m+/6 ft+
Crescent South Beach is located near Crescent City, Del Norte County, California, USA.

The beach is on the Pacific Coast in the upper northwestern part of California, about 20 mi/32 km from the Oregon border and south of Anchor Way of Highway 101, at Crescent City Harbor. It is a sandy and popular beach, protected from the full force of the sea.

The beach lies within the fringes of the Redwood National Park, so a spectacular natural setting is expected. It is mostly undeveloped and the facility owns just a few restrooms and picnic tables. Although it is a non crowded beach, surfers find it ideal.

The wave quality is normal and it is good for all kind of surfers, experienced or not. The type of the wave is beach–break and the direction of the wave is both left and right. The bottom of the sea is sandy. The normal length of the waves is short, 164 ft/50 m and on good days it goes up to 164 ft/150 m.

Swell size starts at less than 1 m/3 ft and holds up to 2 m+/6 ft+. Best tide position is mid and high and the best tide movement is rising tide.