Surfing in Altona Pier, Melbourne, Victoria Australia

Skill Level:
All Surfers
Exposed Beach Break
Victoria is the second-smallest state of Australia. It faces New South Wales to the north and Tasman Sea to the east. The unique combination of spectacular coastline, pristine beaches, numerous national parks, dense forests and mountains attract visitors all year long and offer a plethora of activities to sport lovers.

Melbourne, Victoria’s state capital and one of the most populous cities in Australia, lies on the Yarra River and around the shores of Port Phillip Bay. Altona is a western suburb of Melbourne at about 13 km/8 mi in the southwest of Melbourne’s CBD (Central Business District). Altona Pier or Tonez is an exposed beach break that it is great when it works.

Surfers can explore the waves with swell sizes from less than 1 m/3 ft and holds up to 1 m/3 ft. The best wind direction is from the north and the ideal swell direction is from the south. The surf site is appropriate for all surfers. The ideal tide position is high tide only. Altona Pier is crowded during weekends. Last but not least, explore the highlights of Melbourne and immerse yourself in the beauty of the city.