Surfing in Kona Tiki Beach, Kailua Kona, Hawaii USA

Skill level:
Wind direction:
North, Northwest
Kailua Kona is located in the North Kona District, Hawaii. It is a lively seaside town with sunny tropical weather all year long and lies at the bottom of the Hualalai Volcano.

The town hosts has many interesting historical sites and is famous for its Kona Coffee cultivations and the crystal clear sea. Kona International Airport is located at fifteen minutes in the south away from the main town. Along the sea side, there are shops and schools to buy or rent surfing gear, as well as take lessons if you wish to brush up your surfing skills.

However, Kona Tiki Beach is not recommended for beginners. It offers a regional classic wave quality with regular frequency and the power of the wave is fast and fun to ride. The wind direction is coming from the northwest, west and the size of the swell starts working at 1.5 m/5 ft and holds up to 4 m+/12 ft+.

The beach is reef coral with sharp rocks and is a popular surfing destination, especially for the locals, so it is crowded during weekends. Surfers should be careful of sharp rocks, urchins and sharks.