Surfing in Dunes, Sestroretsk, Federal city of Saint Petersburg Russia

Wave direction:
Right and left
Type of wave:
Saint Petersburg is a city situated on the Neva river, at the head of the Gulf of Finland on the Baltic Sea. The federal subject of Saint Petersburg has its name changed three times, from Saint Petersburg to Petrograd, then Leningrad and back to Saint Petersburg.

Near the city of St. Petersburg, in the town of Sestroretsk, at only 5-15 minutes walking distance, there is a beautiful beach where many water sports take place. Dunes is a public beach, easy to find with sloppy wave quality.

The wave in this place breaks only sometimes, so before you decide to come, check the weather and webcams to see if the conditions are right. The optimum conditions are achieved when the wind blows from the west, southwest or northwest and the swell comes from the west.

The fun wave comes from both directions, right and left, disturbing the sandy bottom. On normal days the wave length is short only 50 m/164 ft that on good days reaches up to 150 m/492 ft. All tides are working for the spot and the best tide movements are falling and rising tides.

The swell starts working at less than 1 m/3 ft and holds up to 2+ m/6+ ft. Usually the beach is empty, only a few surfers at weekends, making it ideal for surfing lessons. If you live in or near St. Petersburg, Dunes is totally worth a visit!!!