Snowboarding in Nanshan Ski Village, Beijing, North China

Total area:
267 ha/2.67 km²
Best season:
December to February
Beijing is one of the most populated and impressive cities in China. The city's incredible ancient history that covers a period of almost three millenniums along with the vast economic growth, make Beijing or else The Forbidden City, the center of business and politics in China.

The city is considered to be one of the most popular destinations worldwide. It offers unparalleled wealth of historical sites and amazing wonders of modern architecture as well as many recreational activities, for the nature lovers in the surrounding mountains that shield the city.

Nanshan Ski Village is located at about 80 km/50 mi northeast of Beijing, on the northern slope of Nanshan Mountain, and provides the visitor with many advanced facilities. As it is the largest and more advanced of its kind in China, it offers 21 trails for all skill levels, hi-tech snow making machines, three magic carpets, snow groomers, drag and chair lifts as well as experienced instructors, food and accommodation facilities.

However, what makes Nanshan Ski really unique, is the first snowboarding park, designed and build by the Austria Mellow constructors, known worldwide for building insanely vast snowboarding parks. The park has five roller style half-pipes, seven different rails, the famous double kicker line, a dedicated tow rope and many new and exciting installations that offer the rider with non stop fun.

The Mellow park also hosts the China’s largest snowboard slope-style competition, as well as the Redbull Nanshan Open part of the World Snowboard Tour. So wait no longer, pack your bags and gear and seize the opportunity of snowboarding in one of the best ski resorts in China.