Snowboarding in Cairngorm Mountain, Aviemore, Highlands and Islands United Kingdom

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Cairngorm mountain is situated in the Highlands of Scotland. Cairngorm ski resort is one of the most popular in United Kingdom, located in United Kingdom's largest National Park. It offers some of the most beautiful routes, quite challenging however. What makes it different as a spot is that the only mountain railway or funicular is provided as a lift system. Visitors have the opportunity to choose among a wide variety of facilities, like hotels, restaurants, ski & snowboard schools and shops, at Aviemore, which is around 18 km/10 mi away.

Cairngorm ski resort has the reputation of being one of the most challenging places for snowboarding in the United Kingdom. It provides 35 routes, 11 green, 11 red, 10 blue and 3 black pistes. It has also 11 lifts, including the funicular, the only mountain railway in Scotland, which allows snowboarders to reach up to the Ptarmigan Top Station by riding the train.

The top lift is at 1080 m/3543 ft, the bottom lift is at 550 m/1804 ft and the vertical drop is around 530 m/1738 ft. The longest piste is 2.9 km/1.8 mi long and there are over 30 km/18 mi of slopes, in total.

Cairngorm ski resort represents the ideal place for the freestylers who love natural hits. You can find some down the Cas or Fiacaill Ridge, but only sometimes. On the other hand, there is a good variety of reasonable sized kickers, rails and boxes at the Vans terrain park. Beginners are able to take courses in snowboarding, since friendly instructors have the experience to teach them. Bear in mind, that, if you can ride here, you can ride anywhere!