Skiing in Wildseeloder Mountain, Fieberbrunn, Tyrol Austria

Top elevation:
Skill lever:
Advanced and professional
Fieberbrunn is a small mountain town, located at 113 km/70 mi in the east of Innsbruck and 74 km/46 mi in the southwest of Salzburg, in the Kitzbühel Alps, Tyrol, Austria. The town of Fieberbrunn is a winter sports destination, known for the international snowboarding and ski events that take place on the spot every year. Kitzbühel Alps constitute part of the Central Eastern Apls, with green slopes and numerous alpine meadows.

This is where Wildseeloder Mountain stands up to. With top elevation of 6952 ft/2119 m high and a lot of pure deep powder snow, free-ride snowboard and ski enthusiasts arrive from all over the world to challenge their skills. The mountain is also one of the best stops of the Free-ride World Tour, where the best skiers arrive to compete. There are various off piste possibilities in an amazing landscape under beautiful blue skies.

The slopes offer to the skiers extreme vertical conditions, suitable only for advanced and professional athletes. There are no slalom poles and artificial jumps and tabletops. Freeriding is clean and natural giving the skier the opportunity to celebrate and enjoy an exciting free ride. While you stand on the summit, you have to choose the route you will follow down. Never get yourself out of the big picture and try to calculate how steep, how exposed and how high a cliff you are looking at from a distance, will make your jump a successful one.

The weather conditions are ideal, maintaining snow in a perfect condition for skiing, during the winter season. While the competitions are on, no matter if you are just visiting or competing, there is a number of events and many great parties to attend in Fieberbrunn town. Freeride skiing in Wildseeloder Mountain is an extreme adventure that no winter sports fun should miss!