Skiboarding in Mount Washington Resort, Courtenay, British Columbia Canada

Skiable Area:
1000 ac (4.05 km²)
Vertical Drop:
1657 ft (505 m)
Top Elevation:
5215 ft (1590 m)
Base Elevation:
3558 ft (1084 m)
If you want to escape from the daily routine and have fun, Mount Washington Resort is waiting for you. It is located in the heart of Vancouver Island near Courtenay. This place is ideal for those who are looking for a change and are interested in something extreme.

When it comes to ski resorts, Mount Washington is the first place that you should have in mind. If you decide to visit this place during winter season, it is strongly recommended to exercise one of the most popular activities, skiboarding.

For your winter activity, the resort offers a skiable area of 1000 ac (4.05 km²), a vertical drop of 1657 ft (505 m), a top elevation of 5215 ft (1590 m) and a base elevation of 3558 ft (1084 m). Have fun in 50 trails, which are tailored for all levels of difficulty and you will never regret it. 25% of trails are designed for easy skiing, 40% for difficult , 20% for very difficult and for experts, 15% of trails are at their disposal.

For beginners, a ski school is available to teach them the appropriate techniques for an exciting activity. The longest run is 13200 ft (4023 m) and the annual snowfall reaches at 348 in (884 cm). The spot also provides 1 tubing lift, 1 handle tow, 1 double chair, 1 triple chair, 1 platter lift, 1 high speed quad and 1 high speed six with uphill lift capacity 11,000 people per hour.

Now, that you found the place to enjoy your best winter, the only thing you have to do is to visit this spot as soon as possible.