Ski Jumping in Cotes des Neigres, Montreal, Quebec Canada

Peak season :
November to April
Ski jumping is a sport with historical significance, initiated in Norway with great success and has become one of the most famous winter sports in Canada. Cotes des Neigres is the best Canadian place for ski jumping. It is a neighborhood in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, situated in the center of the Island of Montreal, on the western slope of Mount Royal.

Cotes des Neigres is the first place, where ski jumping was conducted by Norwegian immigrants. This place is ideal for ski jumping, as it provides the appropriate heights for your best jump. Furthermore, Cotes des Neigres is popular for the consecutive competitions.

Ski jumping is a sport that needs good balance, proper technique and the feeling of high adrenaline. The most amazing in this sport is the ability to soar safely through the air and land with wide 240 cm/94 in skis. The technique you have to follow for this sport is to control your body while you are in the air. It is also important the ability of safe landing.

The appropriate season to visit the location and exercise ski jumping is from November to April.