Skate Boarding in Tupelo Skatepark, Tupelo, Mississippi USA

Skill Level:
Grinding rails, half pipes, several ledges
Tupelo is situated in northeast Mississippi, between Memphis, Tennessee and Birmingham, Alabama. It is the county seat and the largest city of Lee County, Mississippi. The city is well-known as the birthplace of the most famous actor and singer, Elvis Presley.

Apart from the birthplace of Elvis Presley, Tupelo is also known for its intense entertainment. So, when you get there, seize the opportunity and enjoy yourself in all fields. Start to feel the adrenaline by performing skateboarding in the most popular skateboard park of the city, Tupelo Skatepark.

Tupelo Skatepark is a 12000 ft²/1114.8 m² outdoor, slab park addressed to all levels of ability. The park has tried to satisfy the needs of the most demanding skaters, providing fine features. In the park you will find grinding rails, a 4 ft/1.2 m half pipe, a 5 ft/1.5 m half pipe, a corner bowl and a pyramid made by American Ramp Company. Hone your skills on several ledges, stairs and a 3 ft/0.90 m ramp drop from the upper to lower levels. Down the concrete slope, there is a funbox with rails, some assorted flat rails and handrails.

You also find a concrete euro gap, a nice, big flat-to-slant hubba down the concrete slope and a concrete curved ledge with small hubbas on both sides. Most of the ledges have angle iron thanks to chippage. The admission for the park is free and during Monday’s the park is closed. So, if you are a skateboarding fanatic, this is the right place for you!!!