Skate Boarding in Skate Park de Bordeaux, Bordeaux, Aquitaine France

Type of park:
Park size:
2400 m²/25833 ft²
Concrete, wood, metal
Pool, stairs, rails, ramps, street course, mini ramp, quarter pipe, spine, vertical ramp and two bowls
Bordeaux is situated on the Garonne River, right in the Gironde department in southwestern France. It is a port city and the 9th largest in France. The greater Bordeaux area is called Communauté Urbaine de Bordeaux and is the fifth largest urban area in France behind Paris, Marseille, Lyon and Lille. It is the prefecture of the Gironde department and the capital of the Aquitaine region. Bordeaux is the biggest wine industry capital in France.

Bordeaux is a city where you will meet a lot of sporting activity. Especially skate boarding is all over France. One great spot for skate boarding in Bordeaux is the Skate Park de Bordeaux. It is located at Garonne river side. The park is also known as Skate park des Chartrons and Skate Park du Colbert.

It is an outdoor skate park of 2400 m² /25833 ft² for pure skateboarding fun. The spot is organized in four distinctive divisions. In the first division, only kids are allowed. The second division is an urban skate-park. The third division is a cascade area mostly made for BMX riders and the fourth area hosts two bowls.

Features of the park are fantastic and will thrill every ambitious skate boarder. You will meet a pool, stairs, rails, ramps, street course, mini ramp, quarter pipe, spine, vertical ramp and two bowls. The skate park is concrete based but almost all of its features are made of wood and metal.

The park is a brand new facility since it has opened its gates in September of 2006, being one of the largest outdoor skate parks in France. If you are a skate boarding enthusiast, you should definitely visit the park and challenge your limits.