Wind Surfing in Aytré Lopette Beach, La Rochelle, Poitou-Charentes France

Type and direction of the wave:
Reef-rocky / Right
Best swell direction:
Best wind direction:
Best tide position:
Mid and high tide
La Rochelle is the capital of the Charente – Maritime department. It is a port city connected to the Île de Ré with a 2.9 km / 1.8 mi long bridge that was completed on May 19th, 1988. The harbor opens to a protected strait, the Pertuis d'Antioche. La Rochelle is situated in western France and is seaport on the Bay of Biscay which is a part of the Atlantic Ocean.

Near La Rochelle, you will find a lot of beaches where you can practice your favorite sea sports. Aytré – Lopette Beach is a beautiful beach which is perfect for wind surfing. The beach is kind of easy to find. It is located between the minimes harbor and La baie d’aytré.

The fact that it is in a short distance from the city and that is a free public beach among others, attracts many swimmers, athletes or people who want just to sunbathe. All surfers are welcome as the spot is perfect for learning and training because sometimes works and other times works perfect, after a real right point break comes small but long.

The reef-rocky wave is sloppy which sometimes breaks and it usually comes from the right. Its power in a normal day is fun and its length is from 50 to 150 m / 164 to 492 ft but on good days, it reaches up to 150 – 300 m /492 – 984 ft. At the bottom of the sea you will find sharp rocks, corals etc.

The best form of the swell direction comes from the west and the best form of the wind direction comes from the east and northeast. The size of the swell starts at 2 – 2.5 m / 6 – 8 ft and holds up to 1+ m / 3+ ft while the best tide position is mid and high and the best tide movements is raising tide.

The beach which is also called Gas Chamber is not very crowded, with a few surfers around but when outside the waves are huge, it is the only place in the region where you can windsurf safely. Bear in mind that it is a nudist colony and that there are a lot of rocks, so be extra careful.