Skate Boarding in Chesney Skate Park, Topeka, Kansas USA

Topeka is located along the Kansas River in the central part of Shawnee County, situated in northeast Kansas, in the central United States. It is the capital city of the state of Kansas and the county seat of Shawnee County.

Do you agree with the motto “No risk, no fun”? If yes, then a visit at Chesney Skate Park, which is located in Topeka, Kansas is well worth it.

The exercise of skateboarding at this skate park is the proof that when you are looking for pleasure and excitement it doesn’t matter how huge the park is, but its construction and the point that the park has. Chesney Skate Park is a decent skate park and its point is to satisfy the needs of skateboarding enthusiasts.

It is an outside skate park with mixed riding surface. So, visit this lighted skate park and enjoy your activity with a 4 ft/1.2 m quarter pipe, a minis pine, and a fun box with ledge. You also find a flat bank and 3 rails. In addition, you find restrooms and shops on spot from where you can get equipped with the appropriate gear.

So, come, visit this spot, pay nothing, feel the adrenaline, meet new friends and reach the pinnacle of success!