Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Paje Beach, Zanzibar, Tanzania

North wind ''Kazkazi'' - 10/18+ knots / 18.5/33+ kph:
Middle December to middle April
South wind ''Kusi'' - 11/22+ knots / 20/41+ kph:
Middle June to middle October
Best period :
January to September
Ability Level:
Beginners and experts alike
Paje Beach situated on the east coast of Unguja Island, in Tanzania, due to its mild, equatorial climate and the shallows, sand bed waters, offers secure kite surf experience all year round.

Zanzibar Island lies on the east coast of Tanzania and Paje beach is situated on the east edge of the Island. Just in front of the beach are shaped two lagoons which are considered as a super training spot, especially for novices, due to their sandy sea bed and swallow waters.

The wind is constant during the year and the coral reef right at the end of the lagoons protects them from big waves. To meet more challenging conditions need to go further than forty kilometers from the beach. The waves out there can reach 4 m/13.12 ft – 6 m/19.6 ft high with comfortable breaks.  The water temperature kept constant at 24°C/75.2°F year round. Paje Beach can be considered as a perfect kite arena to learn, progress or / and refinement your techniques.