March 17 10:00

Sailing at Extreme Sailing Series, Muscat, Oman

Racecourse size:
1000 x 800 metres
Act 1 of the Extreme Sailing Series is about to launch off on the 17th of March in one of the favourite courses of all sailors, the beautiful Almouj Golf course, in Muscat, Oman. This is the 10th year in the Extreme Sailing Series history and it will be a significant point in the event's overall history as it's introducing super-fast racing using the GC32 catamarans.

Extreme Sailing Series Photo By Mark Lloyd

The world’s elite sailors from 14 nations forming eight fierce teams will be racing on the Almouj Golf Course from the 16th to the 19th of March for the 1st act of Extreme Sailing Series 2016. The Racecourse is 1000 x 800 metres and weather is expected to be sailing appropriate, with the heat and the sun playing a huge part in the success of the event, besides the wind.

It is advised to watch the event from the public Race Village, situated on the Golf’s majestic white sand beach. The Race Village location is offering the best view for Stadium Racing and the entrance is free. Onshore entertainment is available for the spectators and it includes, foosball, camels, paddleboards, a local market, a bouncy castle for the younger ones (and not only) and various other games.

Extreme Sailing Series Photo By Mark Lloyd

On March 16th, the race will take place in front of the historic Old Town in Muscat, racing a 20km race across the coast, all the way to Almouj where the Stadium Racing will take place. The Race Village opens for the public at 11am on Thu, 17th March, and the Pro Am Racing starts at 2pm same day. Stadium Racing starts at 3pm and continues until 5.30pm, also on Thursday.

Another two days of extreme sailing racing and lots of onshore fun will follow, with the event finally closing on Saturday, 19th of March, with the Prize-giving Ceremony taking place after the final race is finished at around 6pm.

Extreme Sailing Series Photo By Mark Lloyd

If you’re a Sailing fan this is an event not to be missed! World elite sailors, Super-fast GC32 Catamarans and one of the best sailing courses in the world, guarantee a fierce and spectacular, to say the least, competition.

For more info about the venue and updated crew lists, click here.