December 10 - December 13 10:00

Sailing at Extreme Sailing Series

Race Village opens:
10:00am, 11 December 2015
Now in its 11th month of global tour and after visiting already 7 venues across 3 continents, the 2015 Extreme Sailing Series™ will drop curtain – or sails, if you prefer – in one of the world's biggest and of exquisite beauty natural harbours, in Sydney, Australia.

Sydney has previously hosted the 2014 season finale with great success and is now getting ready to host the final Act of the 2015 Extreme Sailing Series™ the event which will crown the season champions. The natural harbour of Sydney is a heaven for all water entusiasts and more specifically for sailors. It is no surprise, that the final act of the Extreme Sailing Series™, presented by Land Rover, will be amongst the highlights of Sydney’s already fully packed summer 2015 events calendar.

Extreme Sailing Series Photo By Mark Lloyd

The racecourse is set between the Royal Botanic Gardens and Sydney Opera House and the best view is from the Extreme Sailing Series™ Race Village.The action will take place from 10th December to 13th December 2015 and thousands of fans are expected to flood the waterfront at Mrs Macquaries Point – where Race Village is – to enjoy the world’s elite in this season’s final Act. The Race Village opens on the 11th December 2015, at 10:00am and the entrance is free for the public.

The Extreme sailing Series 2014. Act 6. Istanbul. Turkey.Credit Lloyd Images

The Race Village is adjacent to the Royal Botanic Gardens and it’s highly recommended to use public transportation to get there, as parking nearby the Royal Botanic Garden is limited. If you do choose to arrive by car, the Domain Carpark, as well as the While Wilson Sydney Opera House Car Park are safer options to go for.

The Extreme sailing Series 2014. Act 6. Istanbul. Turkey.Credit Lloyd Images

For more info on how to get there, click here

For the ones unable to make it to the venue but still want to be updated with all the exciting development of the race, the Extreme Sailing Series™ website ‘LIVE’ page will be up for live video, live streaming of the SAP analytics and dynamic leaderboards. You can also follow the event on twitter (@exssLIVE) and be instantly informed for all updates as it happens.

You can also keep up with the action on the official social media channels:

See you in Sydney for the last race of Extreme Sailing Series of the season!