Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Rockaway Beach, Queens, New York USA

Wave Type :
Best Swell Direction:
Best Wind Direction:
Wind Speed:
14 - 18 knots / 26 - 33 kph
Located on the South Shore of Long Island and being the largest urban beach in the United States, Rockaway Beach is the best summer destination. It is a neighborhood on the Rockaway Peninsula in the New York City borough of Queens. Because of the Irish American population, the spot is also known as the "Irish Riviera".

The breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean and the miles of sandy beach, make this place the best tourist destination. In Rockaway Beach and the surrounding area, entertainment of all kind is readily available for locals and foreign visitors. Visit this place during summer and choose kitesurfing to be the highlight of your vacations.

With beach-break wave type, you can practice kitesurfing at any time of the year. The beach-break offers mainly left hand waves. Offshore winds blow from the northwest. Best wind direction comes from northwest. The spot tends to have a mix of groundswells and wind swells. However, the best swell direction is at east. Wind speed ranges from 14 to 18 knots/26 to 33 kph. Because we don’t have any kitesurfer’s review yet, we can’t ensure the safety of this place for this activity. In order to witness Rockaway Beach’s environment, be the pioneer and share your experience with the others kitesurfing lovers.

Just like the famous actor and director, Woody Allen and the music band, Ramones, this place can inspire you and who knows, you can be the next famous artist. So, grab the opportunity and visit this place as soon as possible.