Scuba Diving in Mida Wreck, Watamu Beach, Coast Province Kenya

Depth :
Watamu Beach is located at 120 km/74 mi in the north of Mombasa and 28 km/17 mi in the south of Malindi, the nearest big town. The shoreline of this area consists of white sandy beach and offshore corals, forming three bays, namely Watamu bay, Turtle bay and Blue Lagoon. The bay is protected by a coral reef at almost 0.5 km/546.81 yd off the shore.

The Mida Wreck is an 18 m/59 ft ex prawn trawler and lies on its side in sand at an average depth of 14 m/46 ft. The boat sunk in 1988 and ever since, the coral growth and marine life has established itself. The wreck is not penetrable and it is a perfect spot for someone who has never done a wreck before.

Due to its proximity to the mouth of the salt water Mida Creek, there are immense tidal water movements around the wreck, making diving possible only during high neap tides. Some of the marine life expected here include the lobster, stone fish, octopus, just to mention a few. In some cases, it is also possible to see large groupers lurking in the old refrigeration rooms.

How to Get to Destination

22.2 km/ 13.8 miles
Head west onto B8 and passby Oilibya Malindi. Turn left at Gede stage and continue to turn left onto Jacaranda Rd. Take the 1st right and then take the 2nd left turning on the 1st right and onto Watamu Beach.
Malindi Airport,

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