Bicycling / Cycling in Bonita Lakes Trail, Meridian, Mississippi USA

Trail Length:
7 mi / 11.26 km
Trail Level:
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Meridian, the sixth largest city of Mississippi, except of hosting numerous cultural events, offers great opportunities to visitors for recreation all year long. It was established in 1860, rebuilt after the Civil War and became the largest city of Mississippi between 1890 and 1930. It contains many parks with tennis courts, softball fields, swimming pools etc. Visitors can also experience water skiing, hiking and camping at Bonita Lakes area and Okatibbee Lake.

Bonita Lakes Trail is actually a complex of little trails connected by mud, dirt and brief gravel roads in a tight place. The trails are singletrack that have both long cardio-straining hills and windy down-hills. You start your bicycling experience from the trailhead, located in the park at Bonita Lakes and you soon get lost, wandering on the trails, but still not too far, finding your way back again.

The Bonita Lakes trails are some of the best trails in the state of Mississippi. They are well-maintained and marked with signs and a “color code” that can lead you to wherever you want to go. The “blue” trail is the most popular. There are intersecting trails almost everywhere, so get ready to explore your own route or ”call it a day” whenever you choose. Though, they are not so technical and there are too many roots and some climbs at some points, they are so challenging that force you to bring your A-game to stay on the bike.

Nevertheless, it is absolutely sure that you will be a fan of this awesome place, as soon as you step your wheels on those trails!

How to Get to Destination

96.72 km / 60.1 mi, 58 mins
Follow the I-59 N. 1. Head west on Yates Ave toward N 5th Ave. 2. Turn right in N 5th Ave. 3. Take the 1st right turn at W 5th St. 4. Open right turn to stay on W 5th St. 5. Turn left at Spec Wilson. 6. Turn right in St Teresa. 7. Continue to Cross St. 8. Turn right in Chantilly St. 9. Slight right to merge in I-59 N to Meridian. 10. Take exit 154A to merge in MS-19 S / S Frontage Rd in Butler Al. 11. Turn right in the 19th MS-S. 12. Turn right in Bonita Reservoir Rd. 13. Turn right to stay on Bonita Reservoir Rd.
130.35km/ 81 miles, 1 hour 13 mins
Take the I-20 E. 1. Head east on U.S. 80-E / E Government St to Puckett St. Continue to follow the US-80 E. 2. Merge onto I-20 E via the ramp road to Meridian. 3. Take exit 154A to merge in MS-on the 19th S / S Frontage Rd in Butler Al. 4. Turn right in MS-19 S. 5. Turn right in Bonita Reservoir Rd. 6. Turn right to stay on Bonita Reservoir Rd.
BY CAR FROM Hattiesburg, MS
146.45km / 91 miles, 1 hour 25 mins
Take the I-59 N. 1. Head southwest on E Pine St to Main St. 2. Take the 1st right turn on Main St. 3. Turn left at Old Hwy 42. 4. Turn right in Glendale Ave. 5. Proceed to Monroe Rd. 6. Turn left at MS-42 W / Evelyn Gandy Pkwy. 7. Turn right to enter I-59 N. 8. Take exit 154A to merge in MS-on the 19th S / S Frontage Rd in Butler Al. 9. Turn right in MS-19 S. 10. Turn right in Bonita Reservoir Rd. 11. Turn right to stay on Bonita Reservoir Rd.
Meridian Regional Airport,
11.90 km / 7.4 miles
Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers International Airport,
144 km / 89.5 miles.

The Amtrak train station in Meridian is located in 1901 Front St and has an enclosed waiting area with parking. The Bonita Lakes Hiking Trail is located 5.31 km / 3.3 miles from the train station and you can take the following route either by car or hiring one of the local taxis.

Take the MS-39 Bypass S and Bonita Reservoir Rd.
Head northeast on Front St to 19th Ave. Slight right to 4th St. Proceed to Front St Exd. Turn right in MS-39 S / MS-39 Bypass S, continue to follow the MS-39 Bypass S. Proceed to MS-19 S. Turn right in Bonita Reservoir Rd. Turn right to stay on Bonita Reservoir Rd.


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