Mountain Climbing in Mount Bailey, Diamond Lake, Oregon USA

abrupt and rocky
Located in the Cascade Range, Mount Bailey, the rounded shield volcano offers great slopes and snow, attracting all kinds of winter sport fans.

The elevation can reach up to 8363 ft/2549 m and due to its morphology, it does not require special skills to climb, but you need to be adequately fit.

A nice period to climb is July to October. It is really worth climbing on the top of the mountain, as the spectacular view will definitely repay you for your effort. The trail is rather abrupt, but not dangerous and also rocky at some points especially on the top, which has a lot of scrambled rocks. You should come equipped with all the necessary gear, especially if you have planned a two day trip.

Bare in mind that in winter, the weather conditions on this mountain are unpredictable and an avalanche can easily be produced, so be well informed and prepared even for such an event, before packing your bags. Surely you can find lodging nearby, but if you want a more primitive experience, maybe you should try Hemlock Butte Ski Cabin, not far from the spot. However you might need to make reservations first.

How to Get to Destination

BY CAR FROM Diamond Lake
12.1 mi / 19.5 km, 22 mins
You should head south on OR-138 E/Cascade Lakes Hwy/Co Hwy 245 and turn right towards OR-230 S/W Diamond Lake Hwy. After that, turn right towards NF-3703 and again right onto NF-300. Finally take the 1st left onto NF-380.
70.3 mi / 113 km, 1 hr 26 mins
On US-97 S/The Dalles-California Hwy head southwest towards 4th St. Then you should turn right onto OR-138 W and then left onto OR-230 S/W Diamond Lake Hwy. Turn right towards NF-3703 and again right towards NF-300. Finally turn left onto NF-380.
BY CAR FROM Roseburg
90.4 mi / 145.5 km, 1 hr 48 mins
You should take NE Winchester St and head south towards NE Wright Ave to turn left onto OR-138 E/NE Diamond Lake Blvd. Keep driving to follow OR-138 E and turn right towards OR-230 S/W Diamond Lake Hwy. Turn right onto NF-3703 and again right towards NF-300. Turn left onto NF-380 and you have reached your destination.
137 miles (220.48 km), 2 hours 36 minutes
Via I-105 E towards I-5/Springfield/Portland, take exit 4A towards I-5 S towards Roseburg and then exit 188 onto Oakridge/Klamath Falls. Enter OR-99 N and follow OR-58 E. Continue your course towards US-97 S/The Dalles-California Hwy and turn right on OR-138 W. Then you should turn left towards OR-230 S/W Diamond Lake Hwy and right onto NF-3703. Continue by turning right onto NF-300 and finally left onto NF-380.
Eugene Airport,
146 mi / 235 km


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