Mountain Climbing in Mount Stanley, Rwenzori, Uganda

Margherita peak :
5109m/16763ft asl
Alexandra peak :
5091m/16703ft asl
Albert peak:
5087m/16690ft asl
Rwenzori Range :
6 glaciated mountain groups
Best periods:
From December to February & June to August
Climbing on the ‘’Mountains of the Moon’’, the border line between Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo, is not a common training activity, requiring definitely high level skills and very good health and physical condition.

Mount Stanley is one of the ‘’Big Five’’ mountain masses of Africa (M. Meru-Tanzania, M. Kenya-Kenya, Ras Dashen-Ethiopia, Kilimanjaro). This extreme challenge starts even before climbing starts! Four days walking through the jungle needed for reaching the mountain. Nine days lasts the circular route to hike the peak.

The starting point is in Nyakalengija, within the Rwenzori National park. The icy cliffs and the muddy ground along with the high altitude make this trail a thrilling adventure. Along the route, numerous huts offer lodge. In the heart of Africa, hiking icy summits can be only a lifetime experience! To climb on Margherita peak together with your ‘wellies’, get ready your crampons!