Paragliding in Big Lagoon, Trinidad, California USA

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Big Lagoon is located at 7 mi/11.3 km north of Trinidad, Humboldt County, California, USA.

With the large sand barrier that separates the lagoon from the ocean, Big Lagoon is a paradise. If you are willing to walk far enough, you can find yourself all alone at the spot. It is a swimming friendly beach with shallow areas of the lagoon, especially near the boat ramp. Water temperature is quite pleasant.

The dangerous Pacific surf is about 300 ft/91.4 m away, so it is rather safe to swim. The water in the Lagoon is slightly brackish. Lots of plants and animals are inhabitants of the Lagoon. Pelicans come in summer to bathe and some wading shore birds are living on the side of the sand bar.

The rugged, northeast coast is covered by old-growth redwood and Sitka spruce forest. In south shore, water along the lagoon is shallow and the banks are densely wooded and overgrown. Big Lagoon is perfect for paragliding. Just make sure to take care of your safety and also to protect this unique place.

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