Wakeboarding in Don Pedro Reservoir, Stanislaus National Forest, California USA

160 mi/257.50 km
Surface elevation:
804 ft/245.06 m
Water surface temperature:
Don Pedro Reservoir is situated across the Tuolumne River, in the Stanislaus National Forest, Tuolumne County, California.

It is an artificial lake that was formed by the construction of the New Don Pedro Dam. Nearby communities are La Grange and Moccasin. The lake’s shoreline is about 160 mi (257.50 km) with 13000 ac (52.61 km²) surface area and 804 ft (245.06 m) surface elevation. Don Pedro Lake is a hot spot for wakeboarding.

It is voted as one of the best recreational lakes with inlets, so you can use speed boats and hundreds of hidden coves. The lake’s length and properties are perfect to create or even improve your skills at wakeboarding. Summer air temperature reaches upper 90’s and lower 100’s, while the surface water temperature is about 80°F/26.6°C .

The lake’s structure is with trees, boulder and rocks. There are nearby schools and shops, in order to take wakeboarding courses or rent equipment.

How to Get to Destination

BY CAR FROM Stockton
78.6 miles/126.49 km, 1 hour 48 minutes
Enter CA-4 E/CA-99 S. Take the exit 252B to enter CA-4 E to Farmington Rd. Turn right to CA-4 E/Farmington Rd. Turn right on CA-4 E/Farmington Rd. Turn right on Main St. Continue to O'Byrnes Ferry Rd. Continue to Co Rd E15/Obyrnes Ferry Rd. Turn left on CA-108 E/CA-120 E (signs to Sonora). On the first street turn right to CA-120 E. Turn right on CA-49 S/Golden Chain Highway S. Take an open right turn to Kelly-Grade/Marshes Flat Rd. Continue to Blanchard Rd. Turn right on Cadena Way. Turn left on Arbolada Dr. Turn right on Molina St. At the first street turn right to Llanura Dr. Continue to Llavanna Dr. Make an open left turn to Don Pedro Bar Rd.
Oakdele Airport,
43.1 miles/69.36 km

Take any Amtrak train and abort at Stockton, CA (SKN). There you can take a bus or rent a car to reach your destination.


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